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CARES Act and McKesson Assistance Update

CARES Act and McKesson Assistance Update

McKesson is providing some assistance for stores to help ease concerns around cash flow by allowing split or partial payments to be made. Should you need this assistance please reach out to your RSM or area Credit Managers to initiate the request (List of area Credit Managers can be found below). Stores with no previous credit issues or concerns can be granted this without a penalty. As you are also aware, through government funding stores are able to acquire loans through the CARES Act. Below are several resources that talk about those opportunities and lenders that are providing this service. 

Furthermore, NCPA is hosting a webinar to talk through the CARES Act and how stores can apply, below is the link for stores to register for the webinar.

Area Credit Managers:

Midwest Market Jeff Jagow: 630-429-2024

West Market Robyn Owens: 916-373-5253

East Market Matt Bentley: matt.bentley@mckesson.com

The National Community Pharmacists Association is hosting a webinar on April 2 at 8 p.m. ET. Register online here.

Link on resources available on how to acquire loans through the CARES Act:


The Small Business Owner’s Guide to the CARES Act

Financing Resources from RxOwnership

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