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BestRX, Liberty, SRS: Comparing The Top 3 Pharmacy Software Systems

BestRX, Liberty, SRS: Comparing The Top 3 Pharmacy Software Systems

Choosing the right software system is essential to run your pharmacy successfully. These systems streamline workflow,  improve profitability, and enhance patient safety and care. Let’s dive into a comparison of the top three pharmacy software systems on the market: Liberty, BestRx, and SRS.


  1. Liberty Software


With a focus on enhancing patient care and safety, Liberty Software has made significant strides in the pharmacy software market. Built on Microsoft’s newest technology platform, Liberty provides a seamless user experience that has resonated well with many pharmacists. In fact, many pharmacists say it is the easiest system they have ever used. Recent events, such as McKesson’s Pharmaserv sunsetting, saw many users shift to Liberty, contributing to its growing market share and enhanced reputation.


Liberty Features:


  • Automated prescription dispensing
  • Pharmacy task management
  • Advanced bin management
  • Five-star dashboard
  • AWP reclaims
  • Text and email patient alerts


  1. BestRx


BestRx offers a complete digital pharmacy management system that can transform how your independent or retail pharmacy does business. BestRx's solutions cater to the diverse needs of every independent pharmacy. Through AAPA's partnership, users have exclusive access to features that boost efficiency, capture e-signatures, secure cloud backups, and more, all at an affordable rate. BestRX proves easy to use with little to no training required.


BestRx Features:


  • Customizable workflow
  • Interactive patient profiles
  • Two-way messaging
  • Built-in compliance
  • Multi-dose packaging
  • Advanced telehealth
  • BestRx Comparison:


  1. SRS 


With over three decades in the industry, SRS offers robust pharmacy solutions. Their approach to system integration is exemplified in their motto, “One System, One Vendor, One Call”. They offer secure networking, direct support interactions, and certified support techs. SRS eliminates the common issues faced by pharmacists with end-to-end management and delivers unparalleled support.


SRS Features:


  • Prescription hard copy scanning
  • Mobile and online refills
  • Low-profit margin alerts
  • Integrated POS
  • Integrated IVR
  • Commercial Insurance


Each of these pharmacy software platforms brings its own strengths to the table. Liberty offers a user-friendly interface and comprehensive features. BestRx stands out for its customizable solutions tailored for independent pharmacies. SRS promises reliability and security, with an emphasis on top-notch user support.


Whether it's customer satisfaction, technology integration, or system support, there is a platform designed to meet the specific needs and priorities of your pharmacy. Keeping up with the latest in software solutions will be pivotal in maintaining efficiency, safety, and profitability. 


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