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AAPA’s “Dreier Pharmacy & Gift Shoppe”: Nominated for Health Mart Atlas Pharmacy of the Year

AAPA’s “Dreier Pharmacy & Gift Shoppe”: Nominated for Health Mart Atlas Pharmacy of the Year

In operation for over 140 years in the same location, Dreier Pharmacy & Gift Shoppe has stood as a pillar of personalized care in the Wolf River Region in Wisconsin, recently earning the title of "Best Pharmacy & Gift Shop."

At the helm of Dreier Pharmacy is Tim Dreier, owner and pharmacist, whose leadership has steered the family business toward a promising future, marked by steadfast community service, family values, and innovation. His sister, pharmacist Jessica Huntington, is the co-owner who splits her time between the pharmacy and gift and boutique area.

Together, they are following in the footsteps of their father who tripled the size of the store before handing over the reins of responsibility to his children.


Dreier2More Than a Pharmacy: A Destination for Patients

Beyond medications and durable medical goods, Dreier Pharmacy has cemented its reputation (and boosted revenue streams) as more than a pharmacy, but as a destination for patients and visitors to enjoy experiences. These ‘beyond a trip to the drugstore’ experiences include an onsite koi pond, clothing shop, and gifts and arts center. “We’re in a historic location, so people enjoy coming here. When kids arrive with their parents, they always go straight to the koi pond,” said Tim.


The Impact of AAPA

Dreier Pharmacy has embraced AAPA to help maintain its competitive edge. This partnership has been instrumental in providing Dreier Pharmacy with “the best” medication pricing and a performance-managing portal, which Tim highlights as vital tools that ease operational challenges.


The Family Business Evolves

Tim is preparing for a generational shift in leadership as his daughter Avery, a student at UW-Madison School of Pharmacy and president-elect of the school’s NCPA organization, readies to infuse the business with new technological advancements. Reflecting on the evolving role of pharmacists, Tim anticipates a shift toward primary care responsibilities, including prescribing medications in certain scenarios. "We're heading toward more than filling scripts, but actually prescribing them. Some pharmacy schools may be adding a certification to prescribe diabetes medications," explained Tim.



Building a Lasting Legacy of Innovation and Dedication

As his daughter progresses in her pharmacy education and leadership training, Tim is focused on ensuring that the transition upholds the family's legacy of innovation and dedication to the community. "Our family grew up here and everyone works in the pharmacy," added Tim. This forward-looking strategy positions Dreier Pharmacy to continue meeting the healthcare needs and trends of its community for years to come.


Pharmacy of the Year: Dreier is in the Running

Looking ahead to the Health Mart Atlas 'Pharmacy of the Year' Award, of which Dreier Pharmacy has been named among the top three contenders, Tim is optimistic about Dreier Pharmacy's prospect to be named as 'Pharmacy of the Year.' His confidence is buoyed by the pharmacy's unique service model, which includes extended hours that surpass those of several local competitors (including a national chain), and the guarantee that an owner is always onsite to oversee and engage with every aspect of the business. This ensures personalized attention for patients, scalable operations, and a deep, enduring connection with the community.

Keep an eye out for the Dreier Pharmacy team at McKesson’s ideaShare June 23 through 26 in New Orleans. Don’t forget to cast your vote for the Health Mart Atlas 'Pharmacy of the Year' while there!


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