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New CEO plans to take AAPA to the next level

New CEO plans to take AAPA to the next level

Press Release: (Dec.17,2018) The Association of Affiliated Pharmacies and Apothecaries (AAPA), the nation’s fastest growing independent pharmacy buying group, today announced that its board of directors has named Gerry Crocker as CEO.


Gerry Crocker - AAPA CEO In this role, Crocker will enhance the organization’s purchasing programs and technologies to drive buy-side and sell-side growth. Further, he will lead the development of legislative pharmacy services for AAPA’s U.S. community pharmacy member base.

A noted pharma industry veteran, Crocker has more than three decades of background in leading several successful group purchasing organizations (GPOs) on a national scale and developing sustainable pharmacy business models. He also was the CEO and chairman of multiple biotech drug development companies.

AAPA was first built by pharmacists to power independent pharmacies in 1996. Historically, the organization has been led and grown by its board of directors. Crocker’s appointment as the organization’s first-ever CEO marks a new era of innovation that will give independent pharmacies the tools and insights they need to gain better control over their growth.

“It’s easy to understand why we selected Gerry as AAPA’s first CEO in our 22-year history,” said AAPA board member, Hassan Khreizat, PharmD. “He has devoted his entire career to advancing the power and position of independent pharmacy through business strategy, technology, program innovations, and advocacy. With his experience and vision, we look forward to increasing AAPA’s member base nationwide, which will help increase leverage in price negotiations and strengthen leadership on legislative advocacy issues.”

“There’s no better time than now to introduce innovative new programs and services that provide a truly competitive edge for AAPA’s member pharmacies,” said Crocker. “We’re not only driven, but passionate about reinventing our business model to better deliver the successes our member pharmacies are pursuing.”

Learn more about the AAPA and its enhanced independent pharmacy offerings at http://www.aaparx.com/programs.


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