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Get a Head Start for the Holidays with Referral Ca$h

Get a Head Start for the Holidays with Referral Ca$h

Just because the holidays are right around the corner, that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning your strategy for earning next year’s extra holiday cash! And when there are thousands of dollars just waiting to find their way into your pharmacy’s pocket, now is the perfect time to set your plans in motion.

How? With the AAPA Edge™ referral program, of course!

AAPA Edge Referral Program

As an AAPA member, you can turn referrals you make to our program into real cash – and it’s simple to do:

And when that pharmacy:

  • Achieves a minimum purchasing volume of $100,000 per month
  • Achieves a 10% GCR rate or greater per month, and
  • Remains an active AAPA member for 90-days

AAPA-748 Get ready for the Holidays-02

You get $1,000. Refer three pharmacies that reach their benchmarks, and you get $3,000. Refer ten who hit their goals and you get $10,000. It really is that simple, and there’s no limit – the only one who sets a cap is the referring pharmacy (you)!.

AAPA-748 Get ready for the Holidays-03How Referrals Can Boost Your Growth

When it comes to providing the very best programs and tools to our members, the more members we have on board, the stronger our -- and your -- leverage. This leverage allows AAPA to secure the best deals at the best prices and deliver them to you, our pharmacies.

Consistent access to lower prices + More effective, time-saving tools = A clear opportunity for success.

Increase Profit – Earn Extra Cash

At AAPA we understand our member pharmacies work hard to increase sales, prove value, and keep their businesses profitable, while also providing better positive outcomes for patients in the communities you serve.

And we can help you reach those goals by leveraging access to products, services, and tools that will increase profitability and growth while also putting extra cash in your pocket.

If you’re a member pharmacy who has a colleague (or more!) who are looking for more purchasing power, higher profitability, and a strong support network to keep growing your business, refer them to AAPA today!

Learn more about the AAPA and its enhanced independent pharmacy offerings at http://www.aaparx.com/programs.


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