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Capitalize on the Tools You Have: Visit The AdvantEdge™ Portal

Capitalize on the Tools You Have: Visit The AdvantEdge™ Portal

If you need to assemble furniture, or install a light fixture, or maybe replace a tire on your bike, the first thing you’re going to do is take inventory of the tools you have before you go out and buy new tools.

That same rule applies to your pharmacy. If you want to increase profit, make better purchasing decisions, and better manage and track the purchases you make, you’re first going to check your toolbox and see what tools you have available. 

And, AAPA members have access to one of pharmacy’s most robust tools available: the AdvantEdge™ Portal - a near real-time tracking tool that can help you accelerate your organization’s profits and growth!

An Access Portal. Reimagined.

The AdvantEdge™ Portal isn’t your run of the mill access portal. By listening to our members, identifying the metrics that matter most to you – as well as metrics that measure pharmacy health – we’ve been able to reimagine, evolve, and customize a portal experience that you have to see (and experience) to appreciate!

The AdvantEdge™ Portal, gives pharmacies an edge by providing access to near real-time metricsAAPA-817 blog Capitalize on the Tools You Have-02 such as:

  • Generic Compliance Ratio (GCR) Percentage Plus
  • Monthly or quarterly performance data on:
    • Total Rx Spend
    • Total Brand Rx Spend and
    • Total Generic Rx Spend

In addition, members can get instant visual representation of the pharmacy’s performance for specified data ranges including:

  • GCR month-over-month
  • Rebate and rebate tier tracking, and
  • Easy to read performance summaries
  • And it doesn’t stop there. 

Members can further customize their experience by exporting summary reports into Excel spreadsheets where they can be sorted and arranged to better meet individual pharmacy goals and/or expose challenges that might be limiting a pharmacy’s growth potential.

Who needs a “cookie-cutter” portal when you can have a customized experience?

So, what are you waiting for?

AAPA-817 blog Capitalize on the Tools You Have-03Start the New Year On the Right Track

End 2019 on a more profitable note by using the all-new, redesigned AAPA AdvantEdge™ portal and begin the new year utilizing a tool that will help you make better, more proactive buying decisions that can boost the potential for healthier profit margins in 2020 -- and beyond.

As an AAPA member, you already have free access to the AdvantEdge™ Portal. If you already have your credentials, just log in and go! Don't have your credentials yet? Get them here

Not a member yet? Get your AAPA Edge and learn more about how AAPA membership can help boost your independent pharmacy’s purchasing power, profitability, and support network to keep growing your business, by joining us today!

Learn more about the AAPA and its enhanced independent pharmacy offerings at http://www.aaparx.com/programs.


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