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AAPA Acquires PharmaSynergy, LLC

AAPA Acquires PharmaSynergy, LLC


The Association of Affiliated Pharmacies and Apothecaries (AAPA), the nation’s fastest-growing independent pharmacy buying group, announced on September 01, 2020, that it has acquired PharmaSynergy, LLC, a leading pharmacy purchasing alliance that serves independent pharmacy members throughout the Mid-Atlantic, Northeastern, and the Southeastern United States.

Philadelphia-based PharmaSynergy was founded in 2015 by 45-year retail pharmacy industry veteran, Anthony Petillo, who has deep, historical business development, distribution, management, long-term care and sales roots in organizations such as Cardinal Health, McKesson and West Wholesale Drug Company. Through his experience and knowledge base, Petillo, who also is PharmaSynergy’s president and chief executive officer, set out to build an independent pharmacy purchasing alliance designed on the principles of personalized relationships, trust and transparency, combined with access to competitive wholesaler purchasing agreements, ancillary services and business management services. His design was well-received by independent pharmacies – from Maine to Florida – and resulted in a significant and dedicated membership base that continues to expand. PharmaSynergy’s membership base will join the ranks of AAPA’s rapidly growing membership roster of nearly 600 independent pharmacies across the U.S.

AAPA’s acquisition of PharmaSynergy will merge the strengths of both companies, each of which has a notable track record for developing and providing tools, relationships and resources that help independent pharmacies not only survive, but thrive, even in the most turbulent healthcare market conditions. Further, the combined entities are laying the groundwork to extend these offerings to better equip existing independent pharmacy members and new members to improve patient outcomes, strengthen buying power, accelerate revenue generation and take even greater control of their business growth and goals.

“The acquisition of PharmaSynergy takes the benefits of both organizations for independent pharmacies – the strengths, the presence, the relationships, tools and resources – and multiplies them by two,” explains AAPA Chief Executive Officer, Gerry Crocker. “By welcoming Anthony Petillo’s expertise, acumen, reputation and company into the AAPA family, we are laying the groundwork to open up more opportunities for our collective members to more easily scale and grow their independent pharmacy businesses and continuously compete – and win – against larger organizations.”

“When you combine two companies like AAPA and PharmaSynergy, you get a powerful and effective collaboration built on longstanding, genuine relationships and a deep understanding of the independent pharmacy’s core business needs. Then, you build on them,” adds Petillo. “This merger enables us to expand our service lines and areas. We now can bring collaborative benefits to more independent pharmacies than ever before to build and protect their viability, accelerate their growth and help ensure their sustainability.”


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