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AAPA Offers Exclusive CBD Access Through Zova

AAPA Offers Exclusive CBD Access Through Zova

Leading Independent Pharmacy Buying Group Provides Member Access to the World's Most Competitive Pharmacist Formulated CBD Product Line and Price Structure

New AAPA CBD AdvantEdge™ program provides members with access to high-quality, hemp-sourced CBD infusions with the industry’s most aggressive discount.

The Association of Affiliated Pharmacies and Apothecaries (AAPA), the nation’s fastest-growing independent pharmacy buying group, announced its partnership with Zova™, one of the world’s most trusted providers of THC-free (0.00% non-detectable), hemp-sourced CBD products, to build the AAPA CBD AdvantEdge™ program. The program provides immediate and exclusive CBD product access to AAPA member pharmacies at wholesale acquisition costs (WAC) that are on average 50 percent lower than any other competitive offering on the market today. In addition, the CBD products distributed through the program are backed by the AAPA AdvantEdge™ CBD Purity & Safety Guarantee. 

AAPA and Zova™ teamed up to offer independent pharmacy members products based on hundreds of years of cumulative experience in hemp “seed to table” practices used by certified farms, non-GMO sources, and cGMP grade facilities. The AAPA AdvantEdge™ CBD Purity & Safety Guarantee lets pharmacists know where their products are coming from and exactly what ingredients are in them. Every product has a QR code that links to the product’s third-party lab’s certificate of analysis.

 “AAPA studied the CBD industry looking for a company that aligned with our mission to continue providing members with pathways to success,” Gerry Crocker, CEO at AAPA.  “After months of comparing and analyzing processes, systems, and the overall integrity of the products offered, Zova was far and away the best option for bringing a broad spectrum, hemp-sourced, THC-free CBD options and deals to our members.”

“At Zova, we make pharmacists and their patients our top priority,” says Ed Saleh, CEO at Zova. “Because our executive team consists of pharmacists with years of experience, specialized in meeting patients’ needs, we understand the challenges healthcare professionals face. So, we created a CBD product line that can assist pharmacists in serving their patients.”

The broad-spectrum CBD product line is made in the USA and includes sublingual tinctures in multiple concentrations and flavors as well as topical salves, gel capsules, gummies, moisturizers, and pet-focused options. AAPA also has developed a starter kit for pharmacies new to CBD product lines.

“Staying on the forefront of this industry allows our member base to reinvent business models and better serve their patient’s ever-changing needs,” added Crocker. “Bringing the CBD line to our members has the potential to increase profit margins by 100 percent. Being able to offer deeper savings on CBD products strengthens the member pharmacy’s standings within the community and helps to drive their business success.”

Learn more about the AAPA CBD AdvantEdge™ program at www.aaparx.com. For more information about Zova's programs for AAPA members, visit www.zovacbd.com/aapa.


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